I've taken some time off from both recording and playing live.  I suffered a significant knee injury that led to surgery.  Still recovering, but have stepped up therapy quite a bit.  I've started to rehearse again and work on some new material, and hope to begin another album soon.  I discovered the dulcimer and have written a number of songs; one I'm hoping to record is called "Mellow".  I'll let you know how it's going!  And thanks to all who've been listening!

Everybody needs "A Day to Escape" 

Check out the latest video release from paul's album, "Inward."  This song reminds us all to take time for ourselves and enjoy getting away from it all for awhile.


Kearney Live Music 

Had the pleasure of playing at the Central Nebraska Band Showcase hosted by Yanda's Music in Kearney, Nebraska, last weekend.  Great crowd and great venue.  

The Midday Realm 

Sunlit spires and towering light; nature choirs, patterns tight; visions fixed where ages lie; age upon age, never to die...

Foggy mornings always inspire... 


Morning mist, a touch of blue; pale sheets surrounding you; cool breath in ghostly form, angelic gown, a mild storm;  headlights, streetlights, winter streams, silent howls, birthing dreams...  

New Album 

This latest collection of songs comes from a period of writing in the summer of 2014.  Had an overflow of ideas, but these seemed to work out the best.  Many late nights alone with only the soft tick of the studio clock...

Listen to a track here, or purchase the album today.

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